Rip Off Rickshaws

Rip Off Rickshaws is a forum where you can share your experiences of London’s rickshaw drivers.

Since the late 1990s the number of rickshaws in London has swelled.

They are unregulated, with no set fare or licensing structure.

They mainly ply their trade in and around the West End, causing traffic problems by cycling well below the speed of the other traffic.

Some drive dangerously on the roads and pavements.

They endanger pedestrians by parking on pavements and across key road entrances and regularly affect access to hundreds of businesses.

The vast majority are uninsured, so if there’s an accident you’re on your own.

And everyone has heard the stories of staggeringly high fares for a few minutes ride, giving London a bad name.

For years, local businesses and residents of central London have been calling for a change in the law. To either regulate rickshaws, or to get them off our streets entirely.

Local and national politicians have used the issue to gain publicity for themselves through a series of promises to bring them under control. But we’re still waiting.

After the rain on a street in London.

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